• Top Quality Welding Alloys


Low- Temp Soldering Alloy for Dissimilar Metals.

Its extreme low-temperature application (179 °C) provides outstanding versatility. Is ideal for all white metals, including zinc pewter and aluminum.

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Superior Alloy for Aluminum

Universal alloy right for all type of aluminum, its unique two-stage melting range for both thin-flowing and build-up applications.

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Flux-Coated Silver Alloy for Maintenance

is a “All-Purpose” high silver content brazing rod that bonds well to almost all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Super Strength Universal Flux- Coated Brazing Alloy

A tough strong joining and build- up alloy for cast iron and other metals. Deposits are totally machinable.

Low-Temp High-Strength Solder for Stainless Steel

500% stronger than ordinary solders and is ideal for food industry and refrigeration applications.

Universal alloy for Nickel alloys, cryogenic and dissimilar applications

Resists high temperatures up to 1205°C and prevents cracking. Provides excellent corrosion resistance. Also suitable for Cryogenic and dissimilar applications.

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Superior Chamfering Electrode

Chamfers , grooves & gouges practically all metals in seconds- without special equipment or skills.

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Super Versatile Electrode for Copper Alloys

Joins wide variety of dissimilar metals & alloys. Reduces heat damage or the need for preheating.

Ferrite Balanced Super- Strength Non- Cracking Alloy for All Steels

Welds dissimilar metal combinations and gives a deposit length that is 20-25% more than normal electrode.

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Super- Tough Alloy for High- Strength Steels

For welding T-1 and other heavy duty steels, construction steels and fabrication. Provides superior crack resistance- even without pre-heating.

"Magnamatic" Electrode for Mild Steel

Provides extraordinary weldability for ease of use. Ideal for “on-site” and restrictive position use.

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Corrosion-Resistant Alloy for Stainless Steel

A superior “vertical downhand” welding electrode with improved corrosion resistance and heat resistance properties.

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Special Alloy for Duplex Stainless Steel

Provides superb weld integrity to resists corrosion and cracks. Offers good resistance to salt water corrosion.

Special Alloy for Crushing Equipment

High alloy designed for crushers. Gives super impact and abrasion resistance.

Universal Hardfacing Electrode

Tough ferritic matrix that resists both impact and abrasion. Outwears other electrodes that cost twice as much.

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Impact-Resistant Alloy for Manganese Steel

Withstand extreme shock, loading & impact. Ideal for heavy construction & mining equipment overlays and build ups.

Hardfacing Electrode for High- Stress Abrasion

Features a dense matrix impregnated with hard carbides to resist both hig- stress and low stress.

Hardfacing Electrode for Extreme Abrasion

Withstands even the most severe grinding abrasion. Outwear ordinary hardfacing rods as much as 30 to 1.

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Superior Build- Up Electrode

Excellent for flame hardening. Non- cracking even on multipass deposits.

Universal Tool Steel Electrode

Welds practically all tool & die steels in hardened condition. Gives super hard & tough welds- without heat treatment.

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"Super Ease " High- Strength Alloy for Aluminum

Gives welds that are stronger than pure aluminum. Provides easy slag removal.

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Superior Alloy for Dirty or Burned Cast Iron

Welds cast iron so greasy, rusty and burned that other electrodes will not even bond.

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High- Strength Non- Cracking Machinable Electrode for Cast Iron

Gives perfect machinable welds on practically all types of cast iron. Requires absolutely no preheating.

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Generation II Machinable Electrode for Cast Iron.

Superior design enables economical use on virtually all types of cast iron. High- tech “controlled blast” pulse action automatically burns off surface contaminants before weld metal transfer.

Nickel Based Electrode for Hastelloy Materials

Provides outstanding hardness retention even at elevated temperatures. Outwears most hotwork tool steels – yet is entirely machinable.

Magna 28 is a superior non-rusting TIG filler metal for rebuilding or overlaying metal against the most stressful wear and corrosion.

Super- Strength Non- Cracking Alloy for All Steels.

Magna 309 is a special flux-cored TIG filler welding rod designed to weld Stainless Steel to Stainless Steel; Stainless Steel to Carbon Steel (ie. Dissimilar steels) and to perform minor repairs on Cr-Mo pipes for achieving root run penetration without using inert gas like Argon in Petrochemical Plants, Refineries, and Power Plants.

Universal Tool Steel Filler.

“NextGen” Hi-Strength Aluminum TIG Filler Metal is a versatile & welder friendly aluminum TIG wire quality designed to offer high tensile and shear strength in as-welded condition and after post weld heat treatment.

Universal Alloy for Nickel Alloys

“Heat Ban” Jelly-like compound that actually absorbs and dissipates heat. It is safe to use on all surfaces.

Instant Repair Compound on surfaces and parts made of steel, copper,aluminum, cast iron,stainless steel, galvanized, brass and chrome.